My ‘perfect (imaginary!) birth’, Hypnotherapy, aged 32

After the birth of my second child for a long time I said that two was enough, I was never going through childbirth again! In fact the thought of it terrified me and could make my heart rate pick up just by thinking about it. However, over time, perhaps three years after the birth of... Continue Reading →

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Anon, 2nd baby, aged 24

  'My Mummy Mind' posted her birth story as several blog posts during Caesarean Awareness Month. All four of her posts have been put together to feature on 'One Blog Every Min' to show how a gentle C-Section with care and compassion can be achieved after a particularly traumatic first birth (the story of which... Continue Reading →

Anya’s Story, aged 35, 1st Baby

Hi, I’m Anya, I’m a Pilates teacher and author, specialising in maternal mental health. I have two boys, Maurice who is 6, and Freddie who is 3. My first pregnancy was fairly straightforward, although I had had an early miscarriage straight before, so the first trimester was slightly anxious, every time I went to the... Continue Reading →

Jade’s Story, aged 26, 1st baby

Settle in because my labour was a long one…I would have loved a short labour where my baby come out through the power of visualising flower petals. But it wasn’t! This is a long, hard birth story that shouts, yes birth can be tough, but luckily women are too. My baby (I didn’t know the... Continue Reading →

Claire’s Story, 2nd baby, aged 37

Discovering I was pregnant the second time round came after I had attended the ‘birth afterthoughts’ to finally discuss the traumatic, premature birth of my first son. I was also seeing a grief counsellor at the time after speaking to a health visitor about having a second child, where I had discussed how much I... Continue Reading →

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